December 2014 

Feature Promotion Days for December 2014: 25th -Christmas Day, 26th Boxing Day

Cleaning Banners and Page Displays

The Banner Displays [Top-Right] and Page Displays are now being reviewed automatically. Any images which fail are DELETED. Any URL Page requests which fail standards are DELETED. The checking is COMPLEX, to say the least. The Banner Displays now appear to be 100% clean. The URL for the Page Displays are probably 99% clean. Many sites which caused re-directs have been eliminated. Most sites with expired domains, forbidden access, other technical errors, have been either deleted or placed aside for further investigation. 

Sites are now being cleaned DAILY. This is an AUTOMATED PROCESS. If you notice that some of your sites are missing, they have been deleted because of detected errors.

The PTC area will be reviewed in the next several days.


There are a large number of sites in the rotation that have ZERO CREDITS assigned. Please check your sites and make sure credits are applied. You will begin receiving notices when the number of credits falls below 50, 25 and 10. When the number of credits falls to zero, the site will be deleted from the rotation.

When a count or time limited advertisement is completed, it will be deleted from the history. This will apply to AESPON, AEFEAT, AEPTC, AEBAN AEBUTN Advertising.


There are a large number of JUNK USER REGISTRATIONS on the system. These are being manually checked and removed. Later there will be an automated system implemented to remove them automatically on a daily basis.

January 2015 

Feature Promotion Days for January 2015- 1Jan: New Year Day, 7Jan: Devonport Cup Tasmania, 13Jan: Stephen Foster Memorial, 16Jan: Teachers Day Thailand, 19Jan: Martin Luther King Day, US, 26Jan: Australia Day