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Friday, January 9, 2015
Cleaning Banners and Page Displays

Cleaning Banners and Page Displays

The Banner Displays [Top-Right] and Page Displays are now being reviewed automatically. Any images which fail are DELETED. Any URL Page requests which fail standards are DELETED. The checking is COMPLEX, to say the least. The Banner Displays now appear to be 100% clean. The URL for the Page Displays are probably 99% clean. Many sites which caused re-directs have been eliminated. Most sites with expired domains, forbidden access, other technical errors, have been either deleted or placed aside for further investigation. 

Sites are now being cleaned DAILY. This is an AUTOMATED PROCESS. If you notice that some of your sites are missing, they have been deleted because of detected errors.

The PTC area will be reviewed in the next several days.


Friday, January 9, 2015


There are a large number of sites in the rotation that have ZERO CREDITS assigned. Please check your sites and make sure credits are applied. You will begin receiving notices when the number of credits falls below 50, 25 and 10. When the number of credits falls to zero, the site will be deleted from the rotation.


Friday, January 9, 2015
Count and Time Limited Advertisements
When a count or time limited advertisement is completed, it will be deleted from the history. This will apply to AESPON, AEFEAT, AEPTC, AEBAN AEBUTN Advertising. 

Friday, January 9, 2015


There are a large number of JUNK USER REGISTRATIONS on the system. These are being manually checked and removed. Later there will be an automated system implemented to remove them automatically on a daily basis.


Sunday, November 30, 2014
December 2014 Updates

December 2014 Updates

There are a number of significant changes taking place for Aussie Earners and these have started to roll out as of end of November and into December.

There will be a number of Banner Changes happening during December. A change has been made to the code to allow for programmed changes and these will happen on random days during December. Mostly there will be an alternating display of the Christmas and the Boxing Day Banners.

On December 27 we will introduce the New Year Banner. This will be replaced on 2 January 2015 with the Standard Aussie Earners banner.

The font on the Surf Bar has been changed to Verdana which should be a little easier to read. The significant numbers are now in a Bold White to make it easier to see.

When you reach the surfing limit for the day, there is now a prominent display showing that you have reached the limit. There is also a reference on raising the limit. See next item.

Free Members are now limited to viewing a maximum of 20 sites per day.
Unchanged is the maximum of 2 sites to be placed in the rotation.

There are TWO changes which will affect AdPack Members in December.
1. The Maximum Number of Sites to be viewed will depend on you AdPack Level.
2. The Maximum Number of Sites which can be added to the Members Rotation will be linked to AdPack Level.
There will be an additional change commencing in January.

From 1 December, the maximum number of pages that can be viewed in a calendar day is changed as follows:

1 - 25 AdPacks: 40 Sites
26 - 50 AdPacks: 60 Sites
51 - 75 AdPacks: 80 Sites
76 - 100 AdPacks: 100 Sites
100+ AdPacks: 140 Sites [This limit may change upwards].

From 1 December, the maximum number of sites that can be added to the display rotation will depend on the number of AdPacks.


Number of AdPacks Number of Sites in Rotation Number of AdPacks Number of Sites in Rotation
1-4 5 55-59 16
5-9 6 60-64 17
10-14 7 65-69 18
15-19 8 70-74 19
20-24 9 75-80 20
25-29 10 81-85 21
30-34 11 86-90 22
35-39 12 91-94 23
40-44 13 95-99 24
45-49 14 100-104 25
50-54 15




Number of AdPacks Number of Sites in Rotation
105-109 26
110-114 27
115-119 28
120-124 29
125+ 30


1. If Number of AdPacks decreases, the Maximum Number of Sites Displayed in the Rotation will be decreased by randomly marking Sites as Suspended after the next Midnight [Server Time]. When the number of AdPacks is increased, the sites will be reactivated after the next Midnight [Server Time]. 

2. Increasing the number of AdPacks will allow new Sites to be added to the Rotation immediately based on the guidelines shown above.



Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Coming in 1H2014

Coming In 1H2014.

If you belong to other Traffix Exchanges, you may be surprised to know that the loudly trumpeted features they offer already quietly exist in Aussier Earners. Some of the features of Aussie Earners were by Member request [the Geo-targeting of promotions for example]. Variable time countdown was our own idea. The implementation of the Bonus and Lucky Draw were our own ideas [although these are implemented by many other exchanges and externally they may appear similar. Abuse Reporting is another area where we ACTIVELY respond to all abuse reports. Although others may offer this function, I have never seen any responses to reports our staff have submitted. Behind the scenes there are more changes in store. Some are just normal housekeeping, some are new features.

Changes are coming in the way Aussie Earners manages levels of Membership.

Currently there is one set of features for FREE Members and another for PAID members. But one glaring issue is the differences between levels of PAID membership. We are looking at ways to make this more equitable.  Changes being considered are higher levels of membership allow more surfing with FREE MEMBERS getting the smallest quotas and top level Membership getting the most. This will also find its way into the Lucky Draw scheme. Minimum of 1 Surf Pack is required for eligibility, but additional surf packs will increase allocation of tickets per instance. More details to follow.

Solid Trust and PayPal. We have long used AlertPay, now Payza, as the primary method of buying Surf Packs. We have implemented Solid Trust a long time ago, but have not actively promoted this. We are also looking to add PayPal as long as we are sure to meet the PayPal Terms of Service. More to follow. For those who are a little concerned about Alert Pay [Payza] this may offer welcome alternatives [especially US and Canadian Members].

What do I do with all of these Credits in my account? This should have been resolved this year, but for some strange reason, the year has gone before the work is completed! In 2013 we will be giving you some options for using those extended credits.

You may have noticed there is a tab marked "STORE" in this site. We are gradually populating this with some special products and surprises. These will be rolled out during 2014. Watch for announcements.

AE Member Classifieds will also be moved to this site with a new and improved display.


Monday, March 26, 2012


If you have registered with an e-GOLD account, you will need to switch to either an Alert Pay or Solid Trust account.


Monday, March 26, 2012
Check your Account

Check your Account Status

If your account number is missing or there is a notice in your account that says  the account needs to be verified, or account number is invalid or any other message, please update your account to reflect your current information.


Monday, March 26, 2012
Is your e-Mail Address Invalid?

Is your e-Mail Address is invalid?

Please check that your registered e-mail address is still valid. We have emails being sent to active members and the email is bounced because it is not valid.


Monday, March 26, 2012


We receive a number of eMails bounced because a user has blocked the mail. If you have protected you eMail using BOXBE or any other similar eMail validator, you will not recieve Aussie Earners eMails. Your Aussie Earners Membership is at risk of being deleted by our automatic bounce processing systems. Please review and correct as needed. Mail which is bounced/blocked over a period of time may result in  automatic account deletion from 1 April 2012.