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New Server Installation in July - done, August is a new adventure.
Many problems found in legacy code - upwards of 10 years old.
Most issues are now fixed, but.......
- There are problems with processing of new orders and mailings.
- Some user sites in rotation were dropped - please add them back.
- Most problems should be resolved in this next few days.
 - All users will get a massive credit allocation in August to adjust for any losses.

There are still some problems when crediting PayPal activity. Please be patient. Your purchase is checked and added manually if automatic update fails.

Bonus Pages are updating your account - even if it looks like they are not. Once you click on the button, the bonus is queued for processing. Mostly you will get an acknowledgment page, but if you don't, it still worked.

There are some reports showing an error when trying to display the next page in rotation. This is an annoying bug which is proving difficult to reproduce and track down. Needless to say, we have not been able to reproduce the problem - BUT - the error is real - AND - should not happen [Duh!]. It will get resolved.......

The Server upgrade will help solve SOME of these problems, but not all.


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The Preferred Payment is PayPal from 1 January 2014.
[Payza will continue to be an accepted payment method through end of 2016.]