July 2014 Announcements

Some site glitches.......

For a period of around 5 hours on Friday 18 July 14 there were access problems to some of our web sites. The sites were working fine. Just could not access due to a network issue to the Data Hosting Center.

After that glitch was cleared there was a further 5 hour access problem to some of the sites [including this one] related to restoring network access.

As of this time, all seems to be normal. You will recognize the problem as a Server Error 500 on some sites and emails with totally missing images.

We will re-send all emails which were affected. This means you may see some emails twice. If you have not deleted the old email, the links will now be showing the proper images.

The problem was unusual.

Most of our servers were unaffected, but the one hosting this site and several related support sites were affected. 

As far as we can tell no emails were lost. We cannot say the same about the peace of mind of the technical staff trying to resolve such a weird situation. I believe Starbucks did help keep the temperature down.

We have 3 Feature Promotion Days for July 2014

Canada Day [Canada], Independence Day [USA], Bastille Day [France]
We will be using the following Banners during the month:


August 2014 Announcements

We have no Feature Promotion Days for August 2014

We will be using the following Banners [ooops, not yet updated] during the month:



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The Preferred Payment is PayPal from 1 January 2014.
[Payza will continue to be an accepted payment method.]

There will be no Payza Lucky Draw in 2014. Watch for other changes coming soon.